Friday, September 18, 2009

Time for a come back

I know its been a long time but hell here i am . Its been prolly like a year since i been on here so here wassup i been working and working trying to get back to the east coast. I just don't enjoy being out here in the Lone star state it is boring to me. My love life is very off and on out here people out here don't seem to interest me and the ones that do are not originally from here which is fine or they not interested in me. There are 2 different people that i am pursuing and guess what they both are from La . It is just something about a dude from lousiana Baaaaabbbbyyy (like I'm from new Orleans) lol . One is just your average guy he is an athlete about like 5'11 178lbs funny, smart own place and car. The other i call my pocket thug lmao he is 5'2 109lbs very masculine hard personality thuggish (hence Pocket thug lol a pocket sized thug) and he has that N.O. project accent which does things to me lol. now he doesn't live alone or have a car but it is something i am fine with cuz i don't live alone so i cant talk down about situations i am in myself. We will name them Terrell and JJ lol , Now Terrell has a tendency to fall asleep at the drop of a dime cuz he is very busy which i understand and don't mind i like laying there cuddling so its cool. JJ on the other hand is very awake and alert and i guess it comes from where he grew up so its understandable But i have yet to decide who i want to pursue further into the realm of relationship if either because , where as one is settled into Texas don't wanna do a long distance thing and the other one is willing to move but i am not sure if i am ready to do the whole live in relationship thing lol. Well that's whats happening out here

Monday, October 6, 2008

Ok update time

OK so this is an update on how i am doing. Since i last posted i failed the typing test for the job i wanted (but its cool), i have an interview at GUESS where!!!! yup back to MACY'S. So things were looking up for me when i posted last but it kinda took a different turn i dont want to say for the worst because i feel it will pay off in the end. So yeah i am not talking to that guy anymore because someone that knew him informed me he had a boyfriend. He neither denied or apoligized for playing games and was like he would offer me his friendship instead. So yeah he is out the picture i dont have the time to deal with him and his BS. As i was on youtube i came across a video that knocked me to my sense's and made me realize that i just need to work on myself and that person i am meant for will find me. Its from Madea goes to jail and it is very true.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I Know its been to long

Ok everyone i am gonna get back into this whole blogging thing because i need something to occupy my time. So where should i start? Maybe i should talk about my life in texas, and how i am adjusting to it ?

OK well i am gonna start on the basics I am now located in the town of Irving, which is just outside of dallas. As far as me liking it , it is still growing on me it is alot to get used to. Like the bus system it is nothing like NJ Transit buses that run frequently these buses are spread out. And the whole being polite thing i am not used to it, everywhere you go people are saying Hi How Ya'll Doin (in the most country accent i can pull out of myself), i mean i love it but i am used to the rudeness of Newark , and New York. There are quite a few malls in the area i would say about like 6 that i have been too but no H&M so i cant get my fav underwear i gotta work on finding more or i have to oder online, although i did buy a pair of Ed Hardy underwear for 30 dollars lol they are cute. I am also working on getting a job at all state answering the phones and calling customers about insurance issues ( i know me answer phones but hey its a job ) and it could help me get a car and an apartment. Anyone who knows me knows i love to eat and i love having all of these new places to eat i have never eaten at before like sonics, jack in the box, red robin, taco bueno, and Whattaburger(a texas chain buger joint i would put it at the same level as checkers).

Ok and there is someone that i have been conversing with since before I left jersey that lives out here in Texas. I am really enjoying the company he is a really a nice guy (a true southern gentlemen). Talking and hanging with him makes me learn more about myself i found out that i would love to be a provider, yeah i know my friends are prolly like where is the Reggie who talks about the eother guy having money well i guess i am just growing up into the true Reggie. Me and Ryan were chilling the other day at a mall down here and i am not sure if it was me trying to make a very good impression but i wanted to get him what ever he "Needed" not wanted, because he just moved into his own apartment and i felt bad that i couldnt get him anything. He never asked for anything or even hinted that he needed anything i just went into this whole new mode for me "provider" and i was like well you probably need this and that. In the back of my mind i was wishing that i had the money to get those things but i didnt so we just looked. I am also proud of myself because i decieded i am going to wait until i find myself a relationship until i have sex again (so no more being fast).

We have actually spent alot of time getting to know eachother and I have probably told him somethings about myself i havent even told my closest friends. Now i dont know if that is because i just want badly to have at least one person i can turn to out here but i felt comfortable telling him these things. We talked about our dreams, goals, and what we aspired to be. Him and I have similar aspirations and his personality is very similar to mine minus the sarcasm and like myself he is a great kisser ( I will end on that).

Ok now I have no problem with other races at all i have friends of many different races, but i have never been around so many Mexicans at one time now i love latinos I DO just never lived around so many i am used to a bunch of Negros lol. I think there are maybe like 5 other black people in my complex lol . Also these damn rat dogs they are all ova the place all my neighbor's have them and they bark and bite all the time we have yet to get bitten but they are evil nothing like my boo CHILLI lol .

Ok but i dont feel like typing anymore today so if i missed anything just ask me and i will let you know

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

How i been feeling lately

Wassup everyone i know i aint been on here in a min but just wasnt feeling it. But i had the sudden urge to post so hear it is lol.

Ok so lately i been thinking about my ex and how i miss him and then how much i am glad we not together lol (yeah i know i sound confused as hell but i am ). So as i was thinking about my ex my best friend starts playing music in her car as we are driving to her house and this song comes on and it just speaks to me its called Rehab by Rihanna I LOVE IT

and then after that song went off there was another song that also spoke to me and it was John Legends Another again

Yeah so those are my feelings lately i dont know what to do about the feelings i keep telling myself that i will get ova the feelings after i take that big move to texas but i think i am just lying to myself

Monday, April 21, 2008

who are we?

"If you rely on us to do everything for you are you yourself or are you just us? And by us helping you all the time who the hell are we?"

I know people are going to read this and be like what the hell but it is just how i was feeling about my friend

Sunday, April 6, 2008

In 10 years

Ok as i was laying in bed i started to think and day dreaming about what my life would be like in 10 years. Ok some of my goals might seem a little far fetched to some but for me i plan on making them happen. I first see myself living in a nice big home that i own with kids, a dog , and a mate to share it with (yeah i want the country house with the white fence. Kinda like the one i live in now lol ). I would have liked to at least try my hands at modeling of some kind preferrably underwear lol . I know some are looking like WHAT!!! lol but for those that know me i have an addiction to underwear and i have a very large collection, and i even have designs that i drew up myself and as soon as i can get someone to make them i will be sporting them lol. Ok i also see myself having run in atleast and OLYMPIC Trials if not an OLYMPIC Games, and after that i see myself being a high school track coach. Then there is cooking now i dont see myself as a resturant owner or head chef in a resturant, but i do see myself as a owner of a catering company, and maybe 1 or 2 cookbooks. Ok now back to the house , kids , and other lol. Now YES i do see myself with kids i dont quite know how i will get them whether is is adoption , having a friend be the mom which 2 already said they would love to do that later on down the line. And as far as my Other i dont know who that will be just right now. But that is just something i thought i should share with you guys lemme know what ya'll think.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Second chances

Ok everyone i have been dealing with an issue with my ex and him dealing with his issues, and although it didnt end to well i was given an explianation by him and his mother on a 3 way phone call. She was on my side and she felt that he needed to get himself together because he messed up something good which surprised me, because this was the first boifriend i had whos mother even knew he was gay much less held conversations with his boifriend. It was a different but welcomed situation and she also told me that i need to take into mind that he is very head strong and is big on pride so wont except help from anyone and he apoligized for ending things the way he did and i excepted it. Now i do miss him but i dont know whether i should give him a second chance in my life intimately i will always have a place for him friendship wise but i dont know if i can wait all my life for him to get things together. So what should i do?